Juggling Finances for Aging Parents

Often, the issues start with a move to a new home.

In my financial planning and investments practice, I often help middle-aged children help an older parent with his or her finances. The parent may have been living alone, as…

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Sharing expenses during divorce

For outlays related to exclusive use assets, reimbursements may be possible with proper documentation.

Couples seeking marital dissolution in California may hear their family law attorney talk about how to share expenses during the process. Divorcing couples usually each receive a spreadsheet to…

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Prudence Pays for the Wary

As we progress into the New Year, it’s important to take stock of your personal financial security.

Hackers have not taken a pandemic break. During tax season, they can actually get busier, as taxpayers share or request…

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Financial Health Is More Than A Credit Score

Ratios for cash, working capital and net worth are also important.

Few of my clients may realize that the Federal Reserve Bank tracks year to year changes in household balance sheets…

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How ‘Good’ Ideas Sometimes Lead to Bad Investments

Mental shortcuts for decision-making sometimes
trip us when analysis is warranted.

Policy statements, plans and strategies can help keep investors on target.

Many-do it-yourself investors wonder why they often end up buying high and selling low…

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